Cartilage Repair: Lesson from Regenerative Species*

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Date: Thursday, April 18, 2024
Time: 8:00 AM to 10:30 AM


Chairpersons: Erika Kague & Farida Djouad

Preclinical Models in Drug Development: From Rodents to Larger Translational Model
Ali Mobasheri & Jaqueline Lourdes Rios 

Dynamic Cell Plasticity During Synovial Joint Regeneration in Adult Zebrafish
Joanna Smeeton

Exploring the Mechanisms of Cartilage Regeneration Using Zebrafish
Farida Djouad

Probing Mechanisms of Osteoarthritis Using Zebrafish
Erika Kague

Osteomodulin Down-regulation is Associated with Osteoarthritis Development
Jérémie Zappia

Using the Genetic Tractability of Zebrafish to Study Bone Diseases
Joanna Moss

Ubiquitin Clues to Mechanoflammation in Tissue Damage and Repair: Lessons from Zebrafish Model System
Heba Ismail

This session will highlight the use of zebrafish as preclinical model systems with emphasis in
their regenerative capacity to uncover mechanisms involved in the development of
musculoskeletal diseases and skeletal tissue regeneration processes. In particular, pioneering
researchers in this field will discuss how species capable of regenerating their skeletal tissues
can be useful for (i) research into musculoskeletal diseases, (ii) studying the fundamental
mechanisms of skeletal tissue regeneration processes, (iii) studying the genetics of osteoarthritis
and (iv) accelerating the discovery of new drugs in this field.